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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Star Wars and something - George Lucas at a Tokyo auto show

LOL. I love translated webpages, the sentence structures are baffling.

From foreign country such as during Tokyo motor show period " there is a something related to Star Wars between the ELIICA っ て? " With several degrees there was a thing which is heard.

The ELIICA and the Star Wars, there is no relationship, just the arm ち ょ っ there is a relationship.

Adjusting to the release of Star Wars episode, 3 everyone of the George Lucas other performer who visits Japan tries sitting down, really looking at the ELIICA, touching, in the driver's seat.
At that time it had being able to point also explanation it is various.

As for Lucas, " maximum speed is 230 miles per hour. " With in the explanation which is said, " the Is this for sale? Is this prototype? How many cars you made? " And so on with question attacking interest Tsu 々 circumstances.
As for ヘイデン * Christensen of アナキン (ダースベイダー) part, " I wanna drive! " With saying, it was just a little excitation feeling.

The photograph is one Professor Hiroshi Yoshida who is the highest patsy of ELIICA project and the place where Lucas has shaken hands.

Translated version of http://www.eliica.com/blog/


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