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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Have you ever been cooked from the inside out? See Juanita for details.

Haha ahahaha haa! Juanita gives the ultimate Shocker!

Post from MySpace:

sorry since you opened this bulletin you will die at midnight.

a very fat black woman named juanita will appear at the foot of your bed 14 minutes before you go to bed track you down and then shove her flaming hot skillet up your ass and make you cook from the inside out so that you will make a fine meal for a poor african boy. the poor african boy's name will be alamabastor

send this in 10 minutes saying "I got a girl/boy friend" and you will live, and a very happy girl will come up to you and thank you for living to this day

and at 2:00 tomorrow the most amazing thing in your life will happen!!

deviantART: Seabiscut22: Holy...crap


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