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Sunday, July 31, 2005

At last -- hipsters are brought to their knees

"For Melinda Wilferd, nightlife in Los Angeles was a lot like high school. The 35-year-old ran with a crowd that often went to parties in downtown lofts, 'where all the faces turn around and look at you, assessing whether or not you're going to fit in the hipster club.' Where if you enjoy watching TV, you're held beneath contempt. And where 'they talk about music like it's some revelation.' The pretension and callowness finally got to her, and one night 'I told my friends I can't do this anymore.' She began exploring wine bars and jazz clubs in search of more fulfilling nightlife -- and to get away from hipsters. 'Now I'm more interested in what pleases me,' says the employee of a major cable network. 'I just want my little place in this mad, mad world.'" (more at link)


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