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Monday, May 30, 2005

Artist Profile: Jason Sho Green

(more fun cards from Jason here)

I graduated from University of Washington in 2002, studying autonomous robotics,
embedded digital systems, and math. That's when I started to get back into art for
the first time since gradeschool. I haven't taken an art class since 5th grade, but I
learned a great deal in that, my 11th year. I'm not quite to the point that I'm doing
this full time, but I'm getting pretty close.

work background:
I worked briefly in LA as a graphic artist designing not-so-inspiring teeshirts,
but quickly discovered that freedom is more important than food. I love LA,
but I didn't so much enjoy the work i was doing. So now i'm back in Seattle
freelancing and drawing and repairing shoes, getting closer to being a full time

art background:
i haven't taken any art classes since 5th grade, but honed my drawing skills
by doodling in math notebooks. i've only been painting for less than a year
now. i would LOVE to give art school a shot one day when i have the
time/money, but I'm learning as much as I can right now from experimentation
and gleaning off friends.

born in Sendai, Japan.
raised in Marietta, GA, USA.
residing in Seattle, WA, USA.

i'm always interested in interesting freelance work. please contact me if
you have anything.

(rabbit punch'd from fecal news, yo!)


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