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Monday, May 30, 2005

MP3 Monday: sucker dot dj - dj mixed by maer (trance, electronic, psychedelic, techno, minimal)

dj mixes by maer
(email maer)

mix name style file size date mixed download track list
where no dub fears to tread psychedelic dub 90meg feb.2005 download track list
small worlds ethno electronic downtempo dancefloor rocker 85meg dec.2004 download track list
dubbed tangents chilled dub sounds from across the spectrum 84meg jun.2004 download track list
falling gently upward minimal mover including minimal techno, dub house, and IDM techno 84meg jun.2004 download track list
to download, right click the download link and select Save As... all mixes are encoded at 192kbit for your safety and comfort.


Ambient Airlines -


OEM Radio -


Dub Beautiful Collective -

Terpsichore Group - www.terpsichoregroup.org
False Profit - www.false-profit.com
Upinyah - (no website)

bookings, inquiries, and other hate mail: (email maer)

Big downloads, but nice grooves to drive with or just chill out around the casa to. Check the link below to check out 6 more sumptious mp3s at the sucker dot dj site.


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