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Friday, June 11, 2010

http://comicsblips.dailyradar.com/ The Web's most popular comics news, videos, and blogs.


What is ComicsBlips?

ComicsBlips was created for people passionate about comic books, and the news, movies, TV shows, and buzz that emerge from the growing comics industry. With our unique combination of technology and editorial, ComicsBlips brings you inside the world of comics, removing the hassle of information overload, and providing one-stop access to all the breaking news, rumors, and commentary from expert sources around the Web. If it's hot, if people are whispering about it, searching for it, or sounding off on it—you'll always find it at ComicsBlips.

The Blips Mission

The Blips sites deliver comprehensive, topical editorial coverage in focused communities across a broad range of subject matter from entertainment to sports, technology, politics, and finance. By tracking thousands of blogs in distinct verticals, we surface unique, unheard stories from the big guys to the scrappy creative bloggers in the trenches. ComicsBlips is part of the growing corral of Blips sites brought to you by Future U.S.



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