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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Steve H. Graham � How to be a Pirate

Steve H. Graham � How to be a Pirate

Last year, a publisher and my agent told me pirates were HOT and that I needed to write a funny book about them. They couldn’t WAIT to get a contract signed and publish it. So I wrote a bunch of stuff, and they loved it. And then the publisher decided not to publish it, and my agent said I should hold onto it because another publisher might want it, and well, it’s April of 2007, and it’s pretty obvious that the project is dead. Which is too bad, because I wrote a pile of stuff, and I also wasted the time of talented cartoonist Chris Muir, who did some illustrations on spec.

I’m busy this week, so I haven’t written my usual Thursday column, and I don’t want my readers to feel neglected. So I have decided to put the pirate stuff on my site. Today I’m publishing the first two chapters: the introduction and a survey of pirate fashion. I’ll put the rest up in the weeks to come. It’s not completely polished and perfected for publication, because the project collapsed, but if you like my work, I think you’ll enjoy it.

Links will appear below as I publish chapters, and maybe if you’re lucky, Chris will let me show you the illustrations.


How to be a Pirate: Introduction

Pirate Fashion

Pirate Talk



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