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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Morning Reboot: GMail is vulnerable to a hack

Monkey Bites:

  • More bad news for Google: GMail is vulnerable to a hack which enables malicious websites to hijack your contacts list, including the name, email address and avatar of all your contacts. Google claims to have fixed the flaw, but apparently it still exists on the Google Notebook and Google Groups server.

  • The BBC reports that users will be "driving change in 2007." According to the "tech veterans" interviewed by the BCC, the big trend "among hot web companies will be the 'actualisation of personalisation.'" Actualisation of personalization. Say that ten times with a straight face.

  • Reuters gets today's optimist award for a story that claims: "the DRM wall will begin to crumble (in 2007)." The article reports that, among other things, "In 2007, the majors will get the message, and the DRM wall will begin to crumble. Why? Because they'll no longer be able to point to a growing digital marketplace as justification that DRM works."

  • Ma Bell got rid of the ill communication? The FCC has approved the AT&T-BellSouth buyout paving the way for the largest telecommunications takeover in U.S. history.

  • What sort of new year would it be without a new worm or virus? Verisign is reporting a worm delivered via email bearing the subject line "Happy New Year," which also contains an attachment, "postcard.exe." Clicking the attachement will launch the worm.


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