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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

David Bernal - Elsewhere - hip hop popping and breaking Kollaboration 2001

David is the third guy in the video. I saw this years ago, still think he is amazing.


Online Media

VW GTI Golf Commercial, Featuring Bboy Crumbs, Jay Walker and Elsewhere as Gene Kelly

Elsewhere's Oye Magazine Interview with video clip

Slurpee Commercial.mov (offline)

Kollaboration 2003.wmv

Kollaboration 2001.wmv (third dancer)

Elsewhere2.avi (offline)

Elsewhere.avi (offline)

Name: David Bernal

Date of Birth: 8/2/79

Location: Santa Ana, CA.

Dancing Since: 1996

Meaning of "Elsewhere": 1) Reference to the state of disconnection I experience while dancing. When I focus on my movements to the point that I become oblivious to my physical setting, I am mentally elsewhere. 2) The direction I attempt to push my style.

Reasons for Dancing: 1) addicted to it - it has become a compulsive habit to bust everywhere and under any circumstance 2) the feeling - physically and mentally liberating 3) artistic outlet - satisfies the innate human aspiration to be creative 4) music - some sounds are impossible not to move to 5) freaking people out - satisfies my innate aspiration to be uncanny 6) exercise - it's more fun than jogging


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