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Friday, October 13, 2006

WoW fans deconstruct South Park - Joystiq

I’d say this story is both exciting and sad, sort of like watching 2 rednecks fighting.

You start off hoping some teeth will get knocked out, but then realize that they probably don’t have many teeth to spare anyway.

"World of Warcraft fanatics have taken up their swords and a battle is being waged against villanous Wikipedia editors. At the center of this bloodfest is a listing of WOW incongruences found in the wiki entry of the latest South Park episode, 'Make Love, Not Warcraft.'

At this moment, it looks like the uppity Wiki elite have taken all of 'useless trivia' out, but we painstakingly copied all of the removed information (via the entry's history) and have it for you below after the break. If there is any missing continuity errors, be sure to let us know. Just don't blame us if someone laughs at you." (list at link)

WoW fans deconstruct South Park - Joystiq

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