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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Wacky sentence generator - 3CH for Web

Here are a smattering of some sentences I generated:

1. A violent scientist cuts a man on a branch.

2. A minimalist surgeon cuts a cowboy in a cellar.
3. A gigantic cow câline a barbarian in a temple.
4. A gigantic alien communicates with a priest in a cellar.
5. A minimalist musketeer destroys a scarecrow in an unchained sea.
6. A malefic princess dematerializes a very fat guy in a devastée street.
7. A melancholic men lizards breathes on an eye under a storm.
8. A scintillating cerbère reveals a snowboarder in a street of tokyo.
9. A supersonic fairy strikes down a fakir in a drill covered with snow.
10. A solidified monolith raises a musketeer in the night.

3CH for Web

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