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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Wired News: Lewd Game Opens Old Wounds

"A Japanese-developed, adult-themed computer game has incensed some of China's online gamers who deem it a bawdy slur on the classic Chinese novel, Dream of the Red Chamber.

Slaves of the Red Mansion, a fantasy game about girls sold into sexual slavery, has been denounced as 'blasphemy' by some Chinese who have called for the game's designers to apologize and halt its production.

'Turning Dream of the Red Chamber into a lewd game besmirches a treasure of Chinese literature, and is a desecration of Chinese culture,' thundered one irate surfer on web portal Sohu.com. 'As a big fan, this is absolutely unforgivable for me.'" (more) Wired News: Lewd Game Opens Old Wounds

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