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Monday, May 01, 2006

Mormons and medical school

One of the silent demographic trends is the growth in the number of Mormons. Mormons just have bigger families than other white people, plus they put a lot of effort into proselytizing for conversions. I never thought much about Mormon demographic growth until I went to a screening for this little low-budget comedy called "Napoleon Dynamite," which was an odd experience. Most of the people invited to the screening, with the exception of scrungy film critics, were the usual bright young things who work for the studios, except they were all so wholesome. And they just roared with laughter at all the jokes in the movie that I didn't get. That was my introduction to Mormon Hollywood.

Well, it turned out that "Napoleon Dynamite" was one of the most profitable films of 2004. My younger son has modeled his laugh ever since on actor Jon Heder's. A whole lot of teenagers across the country, it seems, get Mormon humor even though I don't. (more at link)

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