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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Lycos Search Results: web results for taxes 1 thru 10

Tax season is just around the corner here in the US. Here's what Lycos has as Top 10 search results:

1. H&R Block | Taxes: Online Tax Preparation, Tax Software, Tax...
H&R Block | Taxes and Professional tax preparation services, along with do it yourself online tax preparation programs and downloadable tax...
2. Internal Revenue Service
Taxpayer Advocate Issues Report. Advocate calls on Congress to simplify taxes; outlines common taxpayer problems. Help for Hurricane Victims...
3. State and Local Tax
State Payroll Taxes Information ...Symmetry Software ... Pew Center on the States - Stateline.org. RIA State Taxes - This Week's News. Ryan & Co.
4. Taxes
Reading activity: Where does your tax money go? Every year, we pay taxes. How much does the government get? How do they spend it?
5. 1040.com Website
An online tax resource dedicated to helping people find the information, news, and forms they need to complete their taxes. Contains downloadable tax...
6. Tax and Accounting Sites Directory
A comprehensive index of tax and accounting resources on the Internet.
7. Taxes, Tax & Tax Software - TurboTax
Tax software &#038; information online for filing federal & state income taxes. Find tax calculators & other tools that address a range of tax filing...
8. Department of Revenue
Minnesota State Government Web Site Coming soon! Electronic filing for 2005 income taxes. Minnesota Department of Revenue Featured Links...
9. Welcome to the Vermont Department of Taxes
Welcome to the Vermont Department of Taxes...
10. Essential Links to Taxes
Essential Links to Taxes Major Tax Sites IRS, H&R Block, FedWorld... Tax Forms IRS Forms, 1040.com, UncleFed... Publications IRS Pubs...

Lycos Search Results: web results for taxes 1 thru 10 of 29,270,000

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