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Friday, December 09, 2005

Hunt Women Online With Paintball Guns - Kotaku

The Flash intro video telling about this new 'sport' made me laugh, but getting shot on bare skin with a paintball? Ouch. So this is how we are enriching lives through the power of the Internet, eh? LOL.

"Last November a guy in Texas freaked out just about everybody when he launched a site that allowed you to hunt animals on his property with a remote gun controlled via the Internet. John Lockwood freaked people out so much that legislatures in several states enacted laws to make it illegal.

Not to be discouraged, Live-Shot.Com has spun off their main site to a new endeavor. Live-Paintball.Com. That’s right, now you can tag people with a remote control paintball gun over the Internet."
(more) Hunt Women Online With Paintball Guns - Kotaku


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