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Saturday, October 01, 2005

West Side Story becomes trailer for zombie flick

Awesome, definitely download these three trailers at the links below, the West Side Story .mov made me laugh hard, perfect editing, and I must say I've never seen a better use for lens flares.

"Thanks for kind words. Actually the three trailers that are flying around the net were made by three different assistant editors here. The Shining was done by Robert (whom I forwarded your email), West Side Story, me, tom colella, and the Titanic by Dustin Stephens. We posted them for friends and within two days we had almost 300,000 hits. Crazy. They were made for the AICE Trailer Park contest. In fact here's the disclaimer from all the attention we've been getting:

The AICE only intended the trailers to be viewed for a private audience. They had no intentions for internet audience to view them and PS 260 did not intend for these trailers to be made for promotional or monetary reasons. There you have it. Glad you enjoyed them."

Boing Boing: West Side Story becomes trailer for zombie flick


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