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Friday, October 07, 2005

Movies in the 1980's - Nostalgia Central

"The first half of the 1980s saw many 'feel good' movies and everyone felt very secure. The second half of the decade spawned many films about despair and difficulty. . . Bogus! Things changed up to the crash of 1987, eventually leading the way to the nihilism of grunge in the 1990's . . . But if the 80s are remembered for any particular movie genre, it would have to be 'Teen Movies'. The ones which inevitably start with the hero/heroine waking up in their bedroom and scanning the mess contained therein. There is invariably an annoying younger sibling, uncomprehending parents and a High School. Our hero or heroine will arrive at said school via a decrepit and/or embarrassing mode of transport and meet up with some equally low-status buddies." (more) Movies in the 1980's - Nostalgia Central

Tons of great 80s movie at the above link, here's a sample beginning with 'A':

A View To A Kill
About Last Night
Above The Law
Absence of Malice
Absolute Beginners
The Abyss
The Accidental Tourist
The Accused
Ace Crawford, Private Eye
Action Jackson


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