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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

FARK.com: (1665064) Watchtower sues webmaster for $100k, claims quoting their literature causes them loss of reputation and embarrassment

(from the comments on FARK:)

"2005-09-14 08:59:47 AM rebel8

'did anyone go to the trouble of reading all that? summary?'

Sorry. The summary is in the Boobies, along with the link to the court documents. The web site in question is http://quotes.watchtower.ca. The site provides small quotes from many, many separate WTS publications with no commentary as to its interpretation. The purpose of it is to highlight some statements the WTS has said to allow the reader to draw his own conclusion. The site very clearly states it is not affiliated with the WTS, and all quotes of its literature are appropriately cited. Posting quotes in this fashion does not violate US copyright law, which can be found at www.copyright.gov.

I am the submitter. Thank you all for reading. The link on Fark is to a discussion forum mostly comprised of ex-JWs. I belong to that forum and speak to the webmaster regularly online. We are all quite angry that the WT is proceeding with this idiotic lawsuit.

I was forced to be a JW as a child and almost died many times due to my parents refusal of necessary medical care on religious grounds. I was prevented from taking the SATs or taking college prep courses, with the expectation that I become a full time JW minister when done with high school. Later I escaped with literally only the clothes on my back. I worked my a$$ off to put myself through college.

I became a social worker and coincidentally ended up treating JW victims of sex abuse. I personally witnessed the victims being instructed by their church elders not to inform the police, at the penalty of excommunication (disfellowshipping). They interfered with the treatment as well. 1 perp was the victims father and a church elder himself, who remained in good standing simply because he said he was sorry. The congregation was not informed of this and thus he was able "


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