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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Bad Mags - Bizarre weirdo topics from the seedy underbelly of our culture

"AN INTRODUCTION by Tom Brinkmann The main reason I wrote Bad Mags was because I wished I had had something comparable when I started looking for and collecting these magazines--a guide if you will. Because Bad Mags attempts to cover such a large selection of subject matter any chapter included in it could have been its own book. Bad Mags is not a complete listing of the magazines and tabloids covering these particular subjects (if such a thing were possible), but is an attempt to give a more complete picture of what was published concerning them at the time. Beyond that Bad Mags is a book devoted to strange, bizarre and peripheral magazines because the back alleys of the publishing industry have been little explored in print. In most cases there isn't any information readily available, limited only to the information given in the periodical itself. I would hope that this latest contribution to the few available books and articles on this subject matter will spark more of an interest in it, and lead others to help put into higher focus the very blurry picture we have so far. With more of this material becoming available to a wider range of people via the internet it makes sense to me to try and sort out their history as much as possible. Bad Mags is a compilation of titles, each one a small time capsule from hither and yon, that ended up under my scrutiny. A few of these magazines I purchased at the time they hit the newsstands, others I bought as pulp curiosities and collector’s items on eBay and elsewhere. I have focused on the amusing, sleazy, sexual, violent, and sensational weirdness that found a home in these peripheral and adult mags with occasional excursions into both the tabloid and the main stream press." (more, some images prolly NSFW)


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