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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Wired News: Some Sex With Your Clone Perhaps?

Huh. I had no idea that George Carlin was Chief Fruitbat for the Raelians. If I'm interpreting the photo correctly, he seems to be regaling the cameraman with stories of sexy spaceship flyovers. "WHOOSH!"

"The Raelians are no strangers to bad press: Brigitte Boisselier, a Raelian bishop and biochemist, created a media furor in December 2002 when she announced the world's first successful cloning of a human. But her credibility, as well as the Raelians', was questioned when she never produced 'baby Eve' or 12 other purported clones. Claude Vorilhon, who goes by the name of Rael and leads a religious sect that believes humans were created by aliens, speaks during a 2003 interview at the Raelians headquarters, called UFOland, near Roxton Falls, Quebec, Canada.Documentary filmmakers and Raelian infiltrators Joe McGowen (left) and Abdullah Hashem (right) pose with Raelian bishop and Clonaid CEO Brigitte Boisselier at a Raelian convention in Las Vegas in May. Now, rare video footage of the group taken at one of its Las Vegas seminars has been spun into an as-yet-unreleased documentary that brings a fresh, critical slant to the Raelians -- replete with allegations that the sect uses sex as a recruitment tool, targeting people most likely to sympathize with its message that..." (more)


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