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Sunday, August 21, 2005

N.J. Eatery Writes 'Jew Couple' on Check


The bill was a shocker, and not because of the amount. After eating at a Jersey shore restaurant, Elliott Stein and his girlfriend were handed a bill that said "Jew Couple" near the bottom, as a table identifier used by the waitstaff. The slur also turned up on Stein's credit card statement weeks later.

"My grandfather went through all that in old-school Europe," Stein, a New Yorker and a regular at the restaurant, told the New York Post. "But that happened more than 50 years ago. You don't expect it to happen in 2005."

The New Jersey Attorney General's Office said Wednesday it is investigating the July incident at Parkhill's Waterfront Grill through its Division on Civil Rights.

Stein, 23, could not be reached for comment Wednesday. He did not return two telephone messages left at his office.

The server, identified on the check only as Karina, is no longer working at the restaurant, general manager Malia Wells said Wednesday. Wells wouldn't say if it was because of the incident.

"We don't run our establishment like that," Wells said. "It was definitely poor judgment on her part."



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