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Thursday, July 14, 2005

A pink cube 717.2 feet on a side, that's what 100 billion hot dogs would be

100 billion hot dogs is:
  • 15.5 hot dogs for every man, woman, and child on earth (based on the latest current estimate).
  • 12.5 billion pounds (5.7 billion kilograms) of meat and meat by-products.
  • laid end-to-end, a line of hot dogs 10,061,553 miles (16,192,500 kilometers) long - enough to circle the earth 404 times at the equator. (Reader justinf adds: laid out in a circle, with a circumference of 10,061,553 miles, they would orbit the earth as hot dog ring at an altitude of 1,601,345 miles from the centre of the Earth - or about 1,597,382 miles from the surface.)
  • 368,923,611 cubic feet of hot dogs, or a pink cube 717.2 feet on a side (or approximately 8610 hot dogs wide by 8610 hot dogs tall by 1349 hot dogs deep). By comparison, New York's Empire State Building contains 37 million cubic feet of space (minus the antenna structure) and is 1,250 feet tall.
(sausage link'd from waxy)


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