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Saturday, July 16, 2005

How to Take Sexy Pictures of Your Girlfriend

So your girlfriend dreams of being the next Cindy Crawford. That isn't as hot as if she dreams of being the next Jenna Jameson (just for you), but at least she wants to look really, really good so she'll get the attention she craves. You turn into a drooling dog when you see a really hot girl walking down the street so you'll feel 10-feet-tall when you walk into a place with a hottie on your arm.

Share your honey with the rest of the world -- at least the looking part. Whether you want to enter your girlfriend or wife in the "Is She Hot?" contest or just want some nice pics for your private enjoyment, you can learn to shoot her like one of the pros. Well, sorta.

Every week, Xposed brings you some new stunner. The majority of our pictorials have been shot by an ultrahip L.A. fashion photographer named Nadia Pandolfo. She has an eye for making hot women look even hotter. We asked her to share some tips on how the average guy can photograph his girlfriend and turn out decent images.--



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