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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Games * Design * Art * Culture - X-rated easter eggs in GTA: San Andreas

"Doubtless you've read the news about the sex games in GTA: San Andreas, unlockable via the 'Hot Coffee' mod.

Supposedly, these mini-games are indeed on the Xbox and PS2 discs, and the mod simply unlocks them. (Rockstar, per Gamespot, 'denies that the Hot Cofee mod is on the disc,' but this doesn't answer the question: Are the minigames there or not?)

I'm going to assume for the moment that they are.

It is often true that content sometimes remains in a build even if it is not used in the final version of the game. However, given the nature of these minigames, if they are indeed on the disc, there are only two possible explanations: either they were included by some of the developers without the knowledge of their superiors, or they were purposefully and quite intentionally left on the disc."
(full at link)


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