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Monday, July 11, 2005

FatherLuke: Nutjob?

Who runs this unforgiving hell hole?

I do.

I’ve fought for it, and I own it.

My name is Father Luke.
Even my parents call me that.

Weird as that is, I appreciate my folks calling me
the name I have chosen for myself. My friends
call me, Padre, Faddah, and “The Good Father”.

I live in a seedy Hotel called The El Palomar Inn. I call where I live:
The Pigeon Coop.

I used to be a Serbian Orthodox Priest, now I’m not. I had a few problems with organized Religion. This happened during the Kosovo War. The three vows I took as a Priest were:

1.) Poverty
2.) Sexual abstinance
3.) Obedience to God

I only had a real problem with the last one. But, hey? All roads lead home, baby. So… no problem.

FatherLuke at ChuckPalahhniuk.net

Poetry by FatherLuke: Toothpick?

Something caught in my tooth.

Suck, suck.
Can’t get it.

Suck, suck.

What is it?


Might be some salad
left over from earlier tonight.

Some sun dried tomato ?

Suck, suck.

( “What did Father Luke write about today?” )
( “Well, he wrote about something stuck in his teeth.” )
( “What?!” )

The guy from the computer shop
dropped off a wireless card for my computer.

Suck, suck.

I should remember to pay him
and send in a check tomorrow.

Suck, suck.

He just drove his motorcycle
out and gave me the card.

Small Towns are incredible in their simple humanity.
“Pay me when and if,” he told me.

Suck, suck.
There it is.

Father Luke


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