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Monday, May 23, 2005

If 6 Was 9 - Burn vinyl records at home


"Burning CDs is so April 2005. Why play around with CDs when you can burn vinyl! Let the Vestax VRX-2000 be your vinyl solution, turning content from any audio source—tapes to MP3s to sound cards—into hot wax for DJs and sentimentalists alike. Vestax claims “the sound quality and durability [is] similar to that of commercially pressed vinyl.” There you go."

Edison would be proud!

(link from work, courtesy the magical stylin' of Sean E.!)

UPDATE: From a comment here on this post (thanks, methodik!)
It's a few years old model, actually.But you can see some pics of burner in action over here:http://djstore.ee/pics/thumbnails.php?album=42And some info about pricing:http://www.djstore.ee/pood/product_info.php?currency=EUR&products_id=171


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