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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Kaptured - Screen captures of weather ladies (helloooo... stalker...)

These captures are made on a Macintosh G4 Desktop with an Apple video card feeding an ultra-high flat panel LCD res monitor running ColorSync callibration software. Video feed is through an IxTV tuner card in a PCI slot hooked to the satellite via the VCR for video amplification. All caps are cropped and sized in Photoshop and the pages are assembled with PageMill. Captures are never altered or edited in any way except for cropping.

Man, the things that turn some people's gears amaze me sometimes. I wonder how these female meteorologists feel about being immortalized like this?

Here's the list of ladies featured on the site:
Kristina Abernathy Stephanie Abrams Hillary Andrews Maria Bartiromo Patti Ann Browne Alisyn Camerota Jen Carfagno Kiran Chetry Liz Claman Laurie Dhue Kristin Dodd Donna Fiducia Rebecca Gomez Molly Henneberg Catherine Herridge Page Hopkins Juliet Huddy Terry Keenan Sarah Libby Nicole Mitchell Brigitte Quinn Heather Tesch Alex Witt



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